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3 Ingredients of a God Vision

Vision Eyes
Vision is seeking the impossible.

"It is a terrible thing to see and have no vision."
Helen Keller


Inner vision
Craig MacFarlane is blind, but he has great vision. At age 2, he was completely blinded in a tragic accident, but he turned his defeat into victory by becoming a world-class athlete who won over 100 gold medals in sports like wrestling, track and field and downhill skiing. He has even shot a 91 in golf! Craig has a powerful inner vision that fuels his drive to overcome. As a result, he has motivated millions with his vision to be the world's greatest blind athlete! Craig may be blind, but he can see.

Living on vision!
It has been said, "One person with vision in their eyes can multiply and change the world!" Since the beginning of time, men and women who have eyes with vision have shaped and changed history. They saw things differently, because they had a drive and passion that did not go away. There was a vision that was birthed deep in their soul, and it changed the way they lived—and the way others lived too. They had vision eyes.

Let's define it.
A vision without action is a daydream, but action without vision is a nightmare. There are some great ways we could define vision. Bill Hybels defines vision as "a picture of the future that produces a passion in the heart of people." Andy Stanley defines vision as, "a clear mental picture of what could be, fueled by the conviction that it should be. Vision is a preferred future." Webster's Dictionary lists six definitions for vision and the fourth says that vision is, "the ability to foresee or perceive something not actually visible, as through mental acuteness." What would be your personal definition of vision?

Seeking vision.
Vision is not simply a goal, objective or an item on your to-do list. Vision is a dream God has put on your heart that is bigger than yourself, and if accomplished will bring glory to God and change people's lives. The process of vision starts the day a leader encounters Jesus Christ and is followed by a period of discipleship or preparation. We see that in scripture in the life of Moses, David and Paul. God "calls" that person to the work He wants to do. If we are sure about calling, then we can anticipate a vision revealed by God. Amos 3:7 states, "Surely the Sovereign Lord does nothing without revealing His plans to His servants." If God calls you, then God has something specifically in mind for you to do.

3 ingredients of a God vision.
Every vision needs to have three key ingredients. If you have a "God vision," not just a good vision, then answer these three questions:

  1. Is your vision too small? 
    If your vision doesn't terrify you, then it is too small. A God vision should be so huge, that you are bound to fail unless God steps in. You must get the "no way!" response when you share your vision. How big is your vision? The first ingredient of a God vision is terror.
  2. Is your vision too narrow?
    If your vision doesn't include others, then it is too narrow. Having a vision doesn't mean it's you against the world. A God vision has to include others. God will rise up a multitude to embrace and own your vision.The second ingredient of a God vision is others.
  3. Is your vision just a daydream? 
    If your vision doesn't get accomplished, then it is just a daydream. Too many talk about what they are going to do and never produce any results. A God vision always gets done. It's not just talk. Take one step toward accomplishing the vision that God has birthed in your heart. Get going; you aren't being paid to believe in the power of your dreams. The third ingredient of a God vision is accomplishment.

Don't let the pace of life, negative thinking or even doubts and fears kill your vision. WisdomWalkers, do whatever it takes to hear from God over the noise of life and pursue the vision He's planted in your soul.

Remember, one person with vision in their eyes can multiply and change the world!

Take Action:

  1. Are you a person of vision? Why or why not?
  2. Is your vision too small? Does it terrify you?
  3. Is your vision too narrow? Are there others that are part of your vision?
  4. Is your vision just a daydream? Have you been able to start what you have been longing to do?


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