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No Pain...No Gain

No Pain...No Gain

Expand your tolerance for pain.


“The distance between where I am and where God wants
me to be might be 
my willingness and
ability to tolerate pain.” 

- Craig Groeschel

I’ve heard it said that “pain is just weakness leaving the body,” and with respect to physical training that might just be true. When I was a young competitive athlete, the “no pain, no gain” philosophy was the standard expectation in the gym. If I wanted to get bigger, faster and stronger, I had to experience some pain.
It would have been easy to compromise, cut corners or make excuses. It would have been painless to take it easy, but the results would have showed during competition.

“If there is no struggle, there is no progress.” 
– Frederick Douglas 

In order for us to grow personally, the sacrifice, struggle and pain are necessary. We must be stretched in four key aspects of life:
1.  Spiritually: For our faith to grow, it must be tested. We have to engage in situations where failure is inevitable unless God steps in.
2.  Relationally: We must be willing to consider the needs of others above our own. We have to put aside our selfishness, lay down our pride and extend forgiveness.
3.  Mentally:  We need to be hungry and seek out the experts to learn not only what they know, but also how they think. New paradigms stretch our thinking and make us grow.
4.  Emotionally: We need to experience what others are feeling. Sometimes we must experience pain, disappointment and even loss in order to be able to comfort others.
The Apostle Paul knew pain was connected to gain. He knew sacrifice was connected to joy.

“Are they servants of Christ? I am more. I have worked
much harder, been in prison more frequently,
been flogged more severely,and been
exposed to death again and again.”

- 2 Corinthians 11:23 

Paul experienced physical pain, loneliness, fear, betrayal, danger, hunger, thirst and even homelessness. But his greatest pain was the burden he felt for the believers.

The Problem
We want the blessing, but not the pain.

We go to great lengths to avoid pain. Our top prescription drugs in America are designed to stop physical or emotional pain. But if we are looking for a pain-free, problem-free life, then we have the wrong kind of faith.

The Solution
God wants to do more IN us,
so He can do more THROUGH us.

Pain, while uncomfortable at the time, may just be exactly what we need to be transformed into the likeness of Christ. 

WisdomWalkers, let God use your pain for your good and His glory. In the end, our willingness and ability to let God use our pain for our good helps us become the men and women we were made to be.
No Pain…No Gain,

Take Action:

  1. In what areas do you try to avoid pain at all costs?
  2. In what areas of life would it be fruitful to be pushed beyond your current limits to grow?
  3. What are you willing to sacrifice to grow spiritually, physically and relationally?

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