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An experience so powerful it will transform your life
—so relational it will impact generations to come.

Want a powerful life, packed with purpose and meaning?

WisdomWalks will ignite your passion to walk like Jesus in all of life’s moments and spark a deeper journey of impact and influence. Wisdom is passed along in everyday events and by everyday people. If you want to be different, and make a difference, you can—right here, right now.

WisdomWalks is a real-life guide for walking purposefully with God and living the life of significance you were created for. Forty intentional, spiritual, life-changing connections will transform the way you think and do life. Each WisdomWalk features one key life principle, a real-life story, questions for individuals or groups, action steps, and lots more—all based on the truths and wisdom of God’s Word.

You’ll be inspired and challenged to live a powerful life—to love unconditionally, walk with integrity, make a difference in the lives of others, and do greater things than you’ve ever imagined. Don’t miss out on the adventure of a lifetime!

WisdomWalks is perfect for those who are passionate about using everyday opportunities to invest in the next generation and develop closer and more meaningful relationships.

WisdomWalks is perfect for:

  • personal devotions
  • one-on-one mentoring
  • small group study
  • team meetings
  • leadership training
  • men’s & women’s groups
  • talks, sermons, presentations
  • lively dinner- table discussions
  • you name it

WisdomWalks is a resource for:

  • parents
  • families
  • teachers
  • coaches
  • business leaders
  • ministry leaders
  • students
  • athletes
  • everyone else

Praise for WISDOMWALKS...


“I’ve always asked God to surround me with people who inspire me to walk more deeply in my pursuit of Him. In this, He has truly been faithful. I can’t say enough about the influence (positive or negative) people have on us. We usually become who we hang out with. Dan and Jimmy get this. WisdomWalks is a read you should check out.”
- TobyMac, Grammy-Award recording artist

“Jesus transformed the world through the power of relationships, and so can we. That’s why I’m giving WisdomWalks to everyone I know, so we can all leave a legacy that matters.”
- Jon Gordon, consultant, author of international best sellers The Energy Bus, Training Camp

WisdomWalks calls men and women to become passionate about this young generation that is overwhelmed by culture. It provides what it promises—confidence and courage to meet the needs of those who are desperate for spiritual parents, godly mentors, and powerful leaders.”
- Becky Tirabassi, author, speaker, life coach  

“There is nothing about a walk pitchers enjoy, but WisdomWalks is a great tool for mentoring and transferring truth to a teammate, family member, or friend. It’s a walk even I can recommend!
- Andy Pettitte, Pitcher, World Champion New York Yankees

“Read and learn from this book! Apply these principles. Be that voice for the next generation, so your children too can be powerful difference makers.”
- Carey Casey, CEO, National Center for Fathering, author of Championship Fathering

“Mentoring is how Jesus changed the world. This engaging, hands-on tool gets you moving in that same direction.”
- Melody Carlson, best-selling author, Diary of a Teenage Girl, TrueColors

“A fresh, relevant way to teach the next generation the power and influence of wisdom. Encourages a lifelong pursuit of excellence.”
- Don Colbert, M.D., New York Times best-selling author, The Seven Pillars of Health, Eat This and Live!

“The writers of this book are the real deal—guys who display Christ and help you love God more. Experience this exciting spiritual adventure with a group of friends.”
- Ron Forseth, Vice President, Outreach, Inc., General Editor,

“A spiritual home run for personal growth, discipleship, and mentoring. Biblical, practical, inspiring, and digestible—I’m all in!"
- Chip Ingram, Senior Pastor, Venture Christian Church, President, Living on the Edge ministry

“Encourages you to get wisdom, grow in wisdom, and give wisdom. To live life to the fullest and impact the world around you.”
- Leah Amico, three-time Olympic Gold Medalist

“Whether you’re in the locker room, the board room, or the living room, if you’re intentional about walking like Jesus, you will influence people. WisdomWalks gives you a winning game plan to invest biblical truth in the lives of others.”
- Matt Stover, twenty-year NFL player (Baltimore Ravens, Indianapolis Colts, Cleveland Browns, New York Giants)

“Lots of people talk about the importance of engaging the next generation and passing on the faith. Dan Britton and Jimmy Page do it. Read, embrace, and live this book, and you’ll ensure another faith-filled generation will follow.”
- Dan Webster, Founder, Authentic Leadership, Inc., formerly on staff with Willow Creek Community Church

“A simple, practical way to pass on truth. A must read for those who desire to help raise up the next generation!”
- Nancy Alcorn, Founder and President, Mercy Ministries

“Young and old alike search for that understandable difference maker to guide them as they seek to develop their relationship with God. With WisdomWalks, lives will be changed forever!”
- Jim Tressel, head football coach, Ohio State Buckeyes, former fifteen-year head coach, Youngstown State

“A great resource for parents, coaches, and anyone who cares about kids and their futures.”
- Les Steckel, President/CEO, Fellowship of Christian Athletes, twenty-two-year NFL coach

“With WisdomWalks’ heart-impacting stories, timeless truths, and meaningful Scripture, I can say to young women I mentor, ‘Listen to this!’”
- Tricia Goyer, award-winning author, Life Interrupted, Songbird under a German Moon

“A prescription for anyone who wants to grow in Christ, written by men who have done just that!”
- Kyle Rote Jr., 2010 Soccer Hall of Fame, ESPN’s “Greatest All-Round Athlete of All Time,” national commentator for CBS, PBS, USA Cable

“A powerful collection of incredible insights, practical exercises, and motivation that will get results in both personal and professional endeavors. Find a place in your briefcase or on your bedstand for this!”
- Steve Newton, Regional VP, Outback Steakhouse

“For those who know we are called to be salt and light but don’t always know how, WisdomWalks gives the how in a fresh, practical way.”
- Jami Smith, premiere worship leader, recording artist, Faith in You (Top Worship Album, 2008), Verse

“A very useful, practical field guide based upon forty biblical principles that get one to ‘true north.’ Packed with wisdom and eternal truths.”
- Tom Osborne, Athletic Director, University of Nebraska, former twenty-five-year head coach of the Huskers, author, More Than Winning

“Equips you to maximize your relationships into conversations that transfer biblical truths into daily wisdom.”
- Ken Whitten, Senior Pastor, Idlewild Baptist Church

“Dan and Jimmy didn’t invent mentoring, just the mentoring game plan. I know these two FCA leaders personally, and you will be blessed by their powerful insights!”
- James B. “Buck” McCabe, CFO, Chick-fil-A, Inc.



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