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WisdomWalks (|wizdәm|wôks)

: intentional, spiritual, life-changing connections.

"Whoever claims to live in him must walk as Jesus did."
1 John 2:6 (NIV)

Can you imagine what the disciples felt as they gradually realized they were walking with the God of the universe, the Creator of heaven and earth, the eventual Savior of the world? At first they had no idea who He really was, but His call compelled them to immediately leave every­thing they knew to follow Him. There was something special, something different, about Jesus. He could see things in people they couldn’t miraculous things they couldn’t do. No wonder they were irresistibly drawn to Him.

Day after day they walked with Him along dirt roads, gathered together and ate meals, laughed and listened as they learned an entirely new way of doing life. Along the way their souls were satisfied because their long­ing for that “something more” was now gone. Jesus had what they wanted. He breathed life, purpose, passion, and power into an otherwise boring, unfulfilling life. The disciples tasted greatness. They touched eternity. And they would never be the same.

That’s the same kind of power you’ll experience as you become a Wis­domWalker. Your time with Jesus will inspire you to walk in His footsteps, to hear His voice, to do what He did. You’ll be challenged to love uncondi­tionally, to live with integrity, to pray powerfully, and to do things greater than you’ve ever imagined! WisdomWalks will transform the way you think, feel, and the way you do life.

But this journey is not meant to be taken alone. It’s not enough to walk with Jesus yourself. WisdomWalks is your opportunity to make a tremen­dous difference in the world—to share your experiences, your faith, and to influence others—by linking arms with another. It’s a simple act, but powerfully life-changing.


Live the Adventure!

WisdomWalking isn’t as hard as you think. It’s “walking alongside” another, and there are plenty of everyday opportunities to do so. Just take a look at all the ways WisdomWalks is already being used:

  • to go deeper with a friend you meet one-on-one for coffee once a week
  • to increase quality and quantity time with a child
  • in a small group Bible study
  • to get to know a student in your college dorm on a significant level
  • to mentor a discouraged neighbor
  • for the core teaching for men’s accountability groups
  • as a year-long Sunday school class
  • for lively family dinners with intriguing discussions
  • to mentor someone new in the Christian faith
  • to help answer your coworker’s questions about life
  • to challenge a teen to walk like Jesus, talk like Jesus, and act like Jesus
  • to start a once-a-week women’s group


Seven Steps to WisdomWalks Success

  1. Engage God daily.
  2. Pray for wisdom, discernment, and understanding.
  3. Enjoy the journey.
  4. Be authentic, honest, and transparent.
  5. Value the relationships.
  6. Be persistent and consistent.
  7. Trust God for life-change.


As you walk through life with one another, remember that only God can bring about true heart change. Your role is to keep your eyes focused on Jesus and on the goal: to produce a WisdomWalker, who in turn will produce more WisdomWalkers. The fruit of an apple tree is not only apples but also another apple tree. And that’s what WisdomWalks is all about: being a WisdomWalker and developing more WisdomWalkers. Don’t miss out on this journey of a lifetime!



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